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Lyrics traditional Poems

Music written and arranged by Maria GoJa

Vocals Maria GoJa, Annika Hillebrand, Birte Fuchs

Duduk Gregor Schulenburg

Cello Mathis Mayr

Drums Maria GoJa

Recording Picnicrecords Berlin

Mastering Holger Zimmermann

Supported by The Box Collective

Cover Art Maneka


Sometimes at Night Album (mp3 DOWNLOAD)

10 Euro

Sometimes at Night (2013)

01 Lady Trees

02 Cluck Old Hen

03 Interlude

04 Bones

05 Mourning Lullaby

06 Loreley

07 Cradle Song

08 Kali

09 Die Lorelei

10 Soundcheck

Produced by Maria GoJa and AOBStudio.de © 2013

Sometimes at Night Album


12 Euro

The Soundtrack of Sometimes at Night was composed and musically directed by Maria GoJa for an interdisciplinary experiential performance piece, written by Andrea Goldman. The mystical music language reminds of folkloric themes and far away places, told by the singing Lady Trees (Maria GoJa, Annika Hillebrand, Birte Fuchs and Carla Figueroa). The music Album was published in 2013.

The piece tells the epic story of three sisters and their painstaking journey towards wholeness. Inspired by myths, legends and folkloric stories of women throughout time, this is an exploration of what it means to rediscover the primal within– the wild woman spirit.

How do we regain the strength of true human values? We’ve been fragmented into pieces through the various roles in our lives.

We’ve strayed from the path of creativity, we’ve lost the roots of expression.

Text: The Box Collective