Maria GoJa Berlin

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Lyrics written by Shredy Jabarin

Music written and produced by Maria GoJa

Vocals and Piano Maria GoJa

Guitar Benjamin Doppscher

Bass Alexander Semrow

Drums Robert Memmler

Piano (Track 6) Beatrix Becker


MissFire Album (CD)

8 Euro


MissFire Album


6 Euro

The MissFire Album evolved from an intercultural meeting: the Songlyrics are written by Shredy Jabarin, the music by Maria GoJa.

Based on an instrumental Soundtrack produced for Shredy Jabarins theaterplay MissFire, GoJa was writing these unique six Songs for the purpose to perform them independent from the play. Theatermusic inspired Popsongs - a music that serves the meeting of two cultures, the MiddleEast and West.

All Songs are part of a journey about dealing with manifold identities, formed as social, cultural and political by our limiting constraints; about our longing for an universal to overcome unintended distance. Art is holding a promise to bridge

human gaps. The MissFire Songs reach out to this, since their essence

mirrors those interacting levels of reality that are similar to all humans: the relation to the inner self, to others and to various society codes. A special concern of both artists is to connect and find the similarity between worlds that appear different.

The Album MissFire (2014)

01 Behind The Sun

02 Walls of Acre

03 Foreigner

04 Crying Dogs

05 Mission Midnight

06 Almost There

Recorded and Mixed by X-Studios Berlin | Mastered by Alexander Semrow

Produced by Maria GoJa and AOBStudio.de © 2014