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Current Projects

Maria GoJa is an independent self-made artist. Her creative process lays in her own hands. By supporting her projects you allow her to fully dedicate herself to the process of creating more music albums, concert tours, collaborations with other artists, videos and filmmusic.

You become a partner and credited supporter for unique, independent hand-made art.  

You become part of a creative thriving process of Maria GoJa.

New Album 2016

In 2016 Maria GoJa will produce her first Solo Album. You can become part of this exciting project.

Covers that need to be covered are:

Rent of the Studio

Studio sound engineer: recording, mixing, mastering

External and additional session musicians: cello, bass, percussions

Production of the CD (cover art and pressing)

Concert preparation and booking

Promotion and Commercial for the CD

As supporting partner of the project your company Logo or name will be listed as a producer of my next Album or featured as a sponsor in CD booklet as well as on the GoJa and AOB Studio Homepage.

For fundings between 20 - 200 € you get in addition to the new album some attractive perks in return:

a signed "2016" music CD shipped to your home (20 €)

a signed "2016" and "MissFire" album shipped to your home (50 €)

a signed "2016" and "MissFire" album and "Sometimes at Night" soundtrack album with orginal music by Maria GoJa (70 €)

a DVD with a handmade musicvideo for one of the "MissFire" Songs on DVD (above 150 €)

MissFire concerts

Concert preparation and booking

Promotion and Commercial for the concerts

travelling costs

My Supporters of MissFire CD Recording

Dr. Tanja Hetzer & Dr. Achim Goeres

Hanuman Institut | www.hanuman-institut.de

Stimmentwicklung | Sabine Gross-Jansen


Siegfried und Helga Hetzer

Florian Heilbronner

Marianne Verny

Annette Goeres, Simone Mahrenholz, Clelia Sarto, Alexander Jovanovic, Stefan Teubner, Gerd and Erika Schönfelder,

Fabian Joest Passamonte, Nelson Farber, Christine Daum-Farber, Annika Hillebrand, Alessa Tschaftary, Lili Sommerfeld.