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Composing Filmmusic

Maria GoJa is composing music for films, videproductions, podcasts and advertisement. Her aesthetical decisions are influenced by

her classical background, Folk, Jazz, Electronic music and her Master of Arts studies of different musiccultures like north indian Dhrupad, middle eastern and westafrican music styles. Depending on the story or message the musical choices or styles she is composing and producing various genres, exploring different sound worlds outside the musical comfort zone.  

Teaser, Show Tunes and Advertisement

Costumized music for Trailers, Teasers, Advertisement, Podcasts, Show Tunes and Video Campaigns ...

Show Tune "TV"

Music Intro "Happy Valley"

Show Tune "Debate"

Music Intro "Monday Evening"

Video Campaign "So What?!"

Show Tune "Lift me Up"

Music Intro "Suspension"

Show Tune "Alert"

Advertisement "City Life"

Music Intro "Conspiracy"

Video Campaign "Surf to go" (Demo)