Maria GoJa Berlin

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Composing Filmmusic

With lots of passion GoJa is composing music for films. Her aesthetical decisions are influenced by her classical background, Jazz, Electronic music and her studies of different musiccultures like north indian Dhrupad, arabic and westafrican music styles. The content of the film is leading her to the musical medium or style, by crossing cultures, genres, and exploring different sound worlds outside the musical comfort zone.

The Children of Light waiting for Giddo / 2016

The shortfilm is telling the story of three women from a different world that come to save humanity from self destruction. GoJa composed an electronic, outwordly city soundtrack for AOBStudio.de

Disconnections / 2015

The short film deals with the mindset and lifestyle of our modern western world. GoJa created a Berlin related electronical cinematic filmmusic that reflects the characters conflicting priorities. An AOBStudio.de Production.

Sometimes at Night / 2014

Experimental song Bones for the Trailer of a Box Collective production performed and produced by GoJa.

Fair Enough (Disconnections)

Chaostheorie (Disconnections)

Resolution (Children of Light)