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Composing Filmmusic

With dedication GoJa is composing music for films. Her aesthetical decisions are influenced by her classical background, Folk, Jazz, Electronic music and her Master of Arts studies of different musiccultures like north indian Dhrupad, middle eastern and westafrican music styles. The story and its essential message is leading to the choice for a musical medium or style, sometimes by crossing cultures, genres or by exploring different sound worlds outside the musical comfort zone.  

Waiting for Giddo // 2016

The shortfilm is telling the story of three women from a different world that come to save humanity from self destruction. GoJa composed an electronic, outwordly city soundtrack.

Disconnections // 2015

The short film deals with the mindset and lifestyle of our modern western world.  GoJa created a Berlin related electronical cinematic filmmusic that reflects the conflicting priorities of the protagonists.

Teaser, Show Tunes and Advertisement

Besides Filmmusic Maria GoJa is producing and composing costumized music for Trailers, Advertisement, Show Tunes, Video Campaigns and many more ...

Fair Enough (Disconnections)

Chaostheorie (Disconnections)

Resolution (Waiting for Giddo)

I Am That // 2014

An art piece showing a unique perspective on experiencing reality by seeing ourselves in everyone and everything. Examining the relationship between our inner and outer world, art and life, maker and observer, mind and now. With music by Maria GoJa.

So What?! // 2014

A revolutionary piece. Free independent artists about actual political events, social trends and media deception that lead our society to corruption, a weak democracy, intimidating freedom of speech and compromising human rights. Justified by illogical excuses, manifested by wars, disrespecting minorities and rejecting war refugees and immigrants for their ethnic or religious background.

Children of Light (Waiting for Giddo)

Show Tune 1


Video Campaign

Show Tune 2

I Am That (Snippet)

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